Starting with a hotel reservation in 2006…

Streamstay founder John Clegg wanted to see more of what the place offered and to get a better feel for it before arriving. Visiting the hotel’s website he was presented with a photo gallery containing a few images of the place.

John started Streamstay and offered broadcast quality video to hotel businesses. This was seemingly very popular with both hotel brands and their customers. The unique and recognisable Streamstay style, increased the amount of enquires and bookings a hotel received and provided guests with a better idea of a place.

After this run of success, Streamstay began producing video for a wide range of customers across a number of sectors, on the back of the growing demand for video by brands.

As Producer/Director over the last decade, John has delivered projects with his team of established freelancers.

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Video Changed

The way video is made has changed enormously since we began. The cameras and hardware are becoming almost irrelevant. Anyone can pick up their smartphone and shoot crisp good looking video. The software for editing, given a little time, can be learnt. You can host it for free socially, you can find a cameraman or editor literally anywhere on the planet, with a tap and swipe on your phone. Many companies are now internalising the production of video. In many ways just like British Rail had with British Transport Films back in the 1940’s.

Viewers preferences and tastes have also changed. Looking at the way people now consume video on the web, they don’t mind the odd camera shake, video buffering or a bit higgledy-piggledy editing, if the content is interesting and resonates with them. Unrealistic slick marketing videos feel a little dated today in many contexts – a sense of reality is welcomed by viewers.

What makes the difference…

Natural talent and enthusiasm for video. The ideas and concepts, eye for composition, the right style of production, knowing how to capture that all important shot, overcoming problems and the variety of challenges, that experience of producing loads of video gives someone. Exactly what John and his team have gained extensive experience of over the last decade.

Our knowledge, experience and enthusiasm of property, hospitality, leisure, education and healthcare brands, together with startups and the people behind these businesses, gives our productions energy and helps them differentiate themselves.

We are proud to have won Silver at the EVCOM Clarion Awards 2016

We work directly with brands and their creative agencies.

We offer creative agencies a white label service.