Directly with brands and their creative agencies.

Focusing on videos that tell interesting stories and help people understand. Sharp and engaging – leaving viewers all the more aquatinted and knowledgeable.

We get your audience on the same wave length as you, when it comes to what’s great about your offer to them.

We do this through a more straightforward approach to producing great video. Keeping the process simple – creative, shooting and editing and removing unnecessary costs.

We bring great ideas for video to the table. Bring the project together and deliver it with a positive attitude on time and on budget. We utilises technologies and software available to improve efficiency and make life easier for our clients. For example remote and collaborative reviews of your edit online.

Streamstay enables you to connect better with the people that matter to you, through video. Informing, educating and entertaining your audiences.

From start to finish….or maybe just someone to shoot and edit.

We provide you with ideas, technical skills and comprehensive management of your video production. Including all the filming, editing, visual effects and options for music. We also link in to creative from agencies or associates you are working with on your wider communications activity.

If you require just a cameraman or editor. We offer a straightforward shoot and/or edit service.

We operate in a lean way and offer a high level of value when it comes to appointing the right team for a project.





1/ Drop us a line and tell us about what you are working on. What your thoughts are for a new video and what you are wanting to achieve with it. We are more than happy to have a chat on the phone or via email.

2/ We’ll come back to you with our initial thoughts and recommendations and answer any further questions. We’ll then provide you with a transparent quotation, so you know exactly what your paying for and how much time is allocated to each part of the process.

3/ It’s good to meet. If you decide you like the sound of what we recommend and our approach, then meeting up to talk further and exploring the potential of working together is the next step.

4/ If you decide to move forward, we confirm where and how you are going to use the video (for example, so we can prepare it for broadcast or cinemas if needs be!) and then begin the project.

5/ We’ll then go away and develop some options – some creative routes the project could take. Deciding upon which route you choose, we’ll develop a treatment that provides you with a good idea of how the concept will come together and enable you to start to visualise the final video. At the same time we will plan and organise the shoot.


6/ Filming is undertaken in-line with the pre-production plans. Some clients are keen to be involved at this stage, others just leave us to it.


7/ The footage from the shoot is prepared for the edit.

8/ We begin cutting and creating the first edit which we then share with you. The edit is then progressed based on your feedback. Sometimes clients like to attend the edit. You are more than welcome to visit our studio during this part of the process.

9/ We finalise the edit before enhancing the video. We then improve the audio and grade the colours before exporting the finished production.

10/ Happiness (we want you to return and recommend us!). Comprehensive project management from start to finish.

For Creative Agencies

We provide a white label service, together with a straightforward shoot and edit service. Please feel free to contact us for a copy of our Rate Card.